• Web Application Development Hive
    GRANDTK, SaaS development Hive, Building Web Apps, customizable and ready for your business.
  • Your Companion on the Digital Transformation Journey
    Various industries and verticals including medical, manufacturing, sales, VoIP, travel and e-Commerce.
  • Modern Infrastructure
    Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Technologies

GRANDTK has achieved a high score in building a high performance Web Apps using distributed and auto scaled technologies. We work with Python, Django, Firebase, and more.

In addition, we're open source friendly, work with and contribute to open source solutions.

Our Approach

Analyze . Optimize . Standardize

We develop our software only after careful analysis of the client’s business process landscape. We’re not just a software development company; we have extensive knowledge and experience in the business process analysis and improvement landscape. This allows us to suggest improvements on the business process itself before working on the software, to make sure you get the most benefit out of your new system, and experience the results of process improvement, governance and optimization right away.

We implement rigorous project management practices, to ensure clear and concise client communication, accurate deadlines, effective risk and change management and overall project success.

  1. What we believe

    We want and do for you the best effort to gain high performance data center while controlling you cost. Our philosophy depend on perfect architecture and optimizing the resources for you. We think hard about every detail in the system and we want it to be perfect.

  2. Our Goals

    Starting with our infrastructure and products wasn’t easy but we took from that times many opportunities and got new experiences. Which we now really need for our big goals. We plan get into world market and propagate our experience to everyone. In this time we will be a well-know company and our products will make world better.