Let us show you the power of Odoo ERP

What is ERP?

What Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Many ERP software applications are important to companies because they help them implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system. An ERP software system can also integrate planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to ERP software



ERP software can integrate all of the processes needed to run a company.

ERP solutions have evolved over the years, and many are now typically web-based applications that users can access remotely.

An ERP system can be ineffective if a company doesn't implement it carefully.

What is Odoo/OpenERP?

What is an Open Source ERP? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. And Open Source ERP is a software system whose source code is publicly available. So, everyone can use and customize an open-source ERP according to their own needs and requirement. However, to modify the existing source code of an ERP system, the user needs a lot of development skills, especially in open source technologies. For example, Odoo Open Source ERP provides many built-in modules such as Point of Sale, Accounting, HR, Project, etc. with its own of default features. However, users can modify its source code and use Odoo as per their needs. But if the modification or customization process hasn't gone well, then the user may experience unexpected losses.

Odoo is a fully integrated suite of business modules that encompass the traditional ERP functionality but extend to incorporate a Content Management  System (CMS), a flexible and extensible eCommerce system, Project Management, Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Manufacturing, CRM, Point of Sale, Events, Blogs, Newsletters, Marketing, Warehouse Management, Financial Management, Website builder, Help Desk and Human Resources and more. Odoo has a unique modular approach to allow customers to start with one application and add other modules later. 

odoo has become the favourite choice for many businesses because it handles a range of business needs. One cannot deny the importance of the features of Odoo as they are helping businesses to grow.

Odoo is basically a comprehensive business management software. In other words, we can say that it is a complete suite of open source business apps.


odoo is turning as a boon for the businesses as it helps to scale good growth. Whether you want to manage the accounting of your business or wants to manage the resources of your business. Or you have other business management queries then you are at the right place. Odoo lets the user deal with different functionalities like CRM, sales, inventory, reporting, accounting, sending invoices, etc. In this blog, you will get a brief introduction to Odoo and its important features! There are many features of Odoo which can benefit your business effectively.

Newsletters, Marketing, Warehouse Management, Financial Management, Website builder, Help Desk and Human Resources and more. Odoo has a unique modular approach to allow customers to start with one application and add other modules later. 

Odoo is a mature product now at Version 13. With major offices in Belgium, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and India and over 400 staff, a network of global certified partners, established in more than 100 countries, deploy the solution locally. More than 2 million users rely on Odoo to run their busines

Why is Odoo becoming more and more popular?

  • 1) It is open source:

    No proprietary fee and recurring costs One of the best ERP in the market.

  • 2) Flexible:

    Need any custom features? you can do it with the help of an Odoo developer.

  • 3) Scalable:

    Business/Organisation size doesn't matter, you can add any number of users in Odoo.

  • 4) Custom Readymade Apps:

    14000+ ready-made applications that everyone can access from Odoo apps store.

  • 5) Global Support:

    Responsive support from Odoo forum and mailing lists.

  • 6) Proven Product:

    About 3+ million people are growing their business by using Odoo. Eg: Toyota, Hyundai, PCI

  • 7) User-Friendly:

    Either we can use the standard Odoo which has a highly user-friendly UI, or we may download the available themes. We can also create new themes with our own ideas.

  • 8) Up to date with Technology:

    Odoo gets frequent updates and upgrades according to the latest technological environment. Latest Odoo versions are Odoo V10 and V12.

  • 9) Highly Modular:

    You don't need to install the entire Odoo altogether on your system. You can download and install selective application modules as per your business needs. Eg: Odoo ERP of POS with Accounting

  • 10) Easily Integrate with Third-party services:

    Odoo can be integrated with any other third-party service providers like SMS, Social media, shopping sites, etc

Why choose Odoo?

Odoo open source ERP is a feature rich, fully customisable ERP solution that can be specifically tailored to any business.

Odoo is a revolution in the professional ERP market as it :

  • Removes the initial cost of the software – Odoo is free to download.

  • Places the main emphasis on professional services and customisation.

  • Gives you a solution that is tailored to your specific needs – 100% requirements fit.

  • Is flexible, can be customised and easy to integrate with a range of technologies.

  • Uses the latest business intelligence tools to drive it.

  • Is user-friendly, logical and non-restrictive. 

  • Is feature rich – covering all functional areas of a business.

  • Has advanced, technically clean and extendable architecture.

  • Has professional support and warranty like commercial software.




Supply Chain Management




Purchase & Sales


Production Management


HR Management


POS System


Project Management


hospital System


school System


Material Management


Fixed Asset Management

Odoo’s Distinct Features

  • Managing multi-currencies, multi-companies and multi-languages as per requirement.
  • Online payment through a different mode of payment acquires.
  • Integrated website builder with various themes and extra add-ons.
  • Integrating different modules likes Sales, HR, Accounting, CRM etc.
  • Facilities like Report generation, graphs, charts, invoice creation, email, group messaging etc.


GRANDTK – Offering Assured Consultation for OpenERP/ODOO based Solutions!

We, at GRANDTK  Consulting Services, follow a comprehensive approach to offer you expertise oriented consulting after analyzing your project’s and organization’s requirements and your key objectives. Communication is one of the most imperative aspects of our ERP consulting services, as we indulge in regular communication with our clients to ensure that no stone lefts unturned in their requisite specification and requirements.

Our Odoo Functional Consultant communicate with clients to understand the vision of their organization and how they want to shape it in future. After understanding all the aspects carefully, we provide them best quality ERP consulting services that can aid their organization grow and leverage best of Odoo ERP.

Writing specifications and definition of requisites are one of the vital key phases in an OpenERP/ODOO project lifecycle. It often becomes quite strategic to separate this phase and carry it out individually from the rest of the project in order to get it covered by external consultants. We enable you to define your requisites and specifications accurately to establish a highly thorough design analysis, background technologies analysis and a deep-delved analysis of organizational objectives so that it enables your organization to have an external opinion that is not related to the development phase in it and thus freed from any cost related preoccupations.

If you need expert advice in making technological choices in OpenERP/ODOO and/or external Odoo ERP Implementation Consultants to define your organizational specifications, we are here to assist you please contact us at 


We have selected Odoo the new OpenERP because it excelled at these criteria while addressing the particular needs of retailers, wholesalers, service companies, and manufacturers.



With 1,000 downloads per day and a high level of searches on the Internet Odoo is by far the most popular Open Source ERP project (Check Google Trends)

Functional Scope

With thousands of modules made available by Odoo developers as well as the community, the solution is very comprehensive and likely to meet your needs.


Odoo is a real modular solution, giving you the ability to only deploy the features you need and only when you need them.

Evolution Potential

With more than 1,000 developers (Odoo and community included) and more than 1,000 modules, the solution is evolving very rapidly.


Odoo is fully web based and provides an object oriented environment that makes it easy to add new modules, whether they are developed by Odoo, by the community, by our team of professionals or even by you.


A large and active community with over 5,000 members contributing to the forum (30,000 topics, 100,000 posts) and to the development of the application.

Deep Proficiency and Odoo Development Services We Offer

We are a full-service enterprise Odoo Development Company that combines our creative chops with trusted business sense and serving clients needs for Odoo development Egypt . We have managed to cover a long journey in Odoo development, witnessing market trends and serving client needs.


At Habilelabs we offer end-to-end Odoo ERP implementation and holds the proficiency in understanding the business needs and implement it in a unique way to get the best results out of the ERP implementation.


We develop the Business Software precisely tailored and customized for your business requirement. At Habilelabs we offer the best development services for any company using Odoo


Choosing ERP system is a tough task for companies, as it requires market information, dedicated team for ERP implementation. To simplify this, we provide consulting to the companies who choose Odoo ERP system.


In current scenario, all businesses are evolving at a light of speed. So, if you want to migrate to a better ERP Solution, i.e. Odoo you can undoubtedly choose Habilelabs for Odoo development services.


We have prior experience in providing open source ERP integration. We understand how businesses evolve and require proper 3rd party apps integration along the way. At Habilelabs we use latest technology for successful ERP integration and it gives advantage to organization.


To make every process smooth for your business, we train the workforce with the new ERP and make them comfortable in the new environment with the Odoo training.


Finding a good Odoo ERP support is bit tough so we offer full support for a broad range of services in Odoo. For maintaining quality control, we follow three key rules i.e. Support, Maintain and Progress


Finding a good Odoo ERP support is bit tough so we offer full support for a broad range of services in Odoo. For maintaining quality control, we follow three key rules i.e. Support, Maintain and Progress

With a properly implemented ERP system, you will experience significant improvements in operational efficiency, highlight hidden costs, re-enforce relationships with customers and suppliers. This can only be achieved with proficiency in best business practices and a mastery of all implementation steps. GRANDTK  Solutions grounds its Odoo implementation approach on a proven methodology along with experienced ERP consultants and strong industry knowledge.


During this Odoo implementation phase, objectives, resource allocation (project team), and rough-cut planning are defined with the help of our project manager and your key stakeholders. Existing processes are analyzed, amended, completed and formalized with the assistance of our functional consultant who provides you with formalization tools.


During this Odoo Implementation phase we will assess your departments’ needs and unsure the ERP system will work the way you need it to. This stage’s deliverables are a set of documents describing how you plan on using Odoo, the “to be” processes, and an operational manual defining how Odoo will run.


During this Odoo implementation stage, we build the target ERP system, we control its reliability, and we validate the relevance of the decisions we made during the design stage. Typical activities associated with this stage are configuration, customization, data migration, deployment planning, and update the documentation.


The objective in this Odoo implementation stage is to be up and running with the new ERP system. Typical activities associated with this phase are end user training, integrated tests based on your business processes, final data migration (static and dynamic), and go-live.


  1. One solution for your entire business
  2. Low cost of implementation
  3. Customizable
  4. Easy integration
  5. Easy to implement
  6. Multiple options to choose from; i.e., three editions in Odoo
  7. Scalable
  8. Powerful Community
  9. Security
  10. Intuitive user interface

Here, ODOO plays a great role! Odoo is a complete business software that will not hamper his/her decided budget. As it is easy to install Odoo and require less cost compared to other proprietary solutions. There are plenty of modules in Odoo which can help your business to grow.

Now, the digital marketer can have a look at all the working of his firm from one screen; that too in an organized way. With the help of ODOO, it is easier for him/her to manage all the resources of his/her business without any hassle.

Additionally, as he is running a digital Marketing Firm; he can create his website in Odoo as well as can do SEO with its help also.

What's New in Odoo 13?

Odoo 13 is available New

Fast, Simple and Effective Business Management- this is the motto of Odoo, the leading open source ERP of the globe. And this is what makes Odoo the prominent and most favorite choice among business enterprises. With the release of Odoo 13, the open-source ERP has become all more fit and robust to meet the diversified needs of businesses. With Odoo 13 users can go along with better designs and customizations.
With each version release, Odoo makes it a point to bring in major and minor improvements in the application, alongside a set of new features for improving the user interface and functionality of the user. The users worth 3.4 million is the evidence of Odoo being the finest application for business management.

Let us see the new features introduced in Odoo 13

I must say the Odoo Experience 2019 held three days ago at Belgium did not disappoint its participants. It came big and handful the latest version-Odoo 13.
The blog lists the new set of features introduced in Odoo 13 and the improvements Odoo has brought in to the existing ones.

Sales Coupons & Promotions Module

It has become indispensable the promotions, discounts or loyalty programs at your store. In order to keep customers, come back to your store and remain loyal to your business, implementing these kinds of business tricks is very much necessary. Odoo has made it simple and easier to carry promotions and discounts at your stores.
The module- ‘Sales Coupons and Promotion’, that earlier existed with Odoo Enterprise has now made available in Odoo community from Odoo 13. Isn’t it interesting?

MRP Subcontracting

Odoo 13 has introduced all-new subcontracting for the Bill of Materials.
Often the companies outsource their manufacturing say the manufacturing of certain parts of their product in order to achieve desired standards. This often helps the companies to get value-added materials for their products. Now with Odoo 13, the businesses can seamlessly carry this practice via subcontracting feature.

Skill Management Module

Odoo 13’s brand new Skill Management Module is an extended version of the Employee Module in Odoo. The management module envisions to enhance the workflow of employee management in a company.
In this competitive era, employee skills are what make the company run and sustain. A proper skill management tool helps in tailoring employees, make them fit for the role/job in the organization.
Odoo 13 Skill Management Module helps with managing employee skills at the workplace, managing resumes of your employees, needless to say, helps in conducting training sessions for the employees. The organization can manage all these from one single place. The structured approach of the skill management module helps you in proper decision making pertaining to an employee or recruiting a new batch of employees. The Odoo 13 module is indeed a great gift to the business organization as it helps both employees as well as the management to stay fit and competitive in work.

Website Form Builder

Earlier a module under Enterprise Edition now has become the part of Odoo Community from Odoo 13. The module doesn’t need much introduction, as it is very much deployed in the e-commerce business circles. The Website Form Builder is known for its user-friendly interface and easy management such as creating various website forms, contact forms and also gathering customer information.

Product Videos on Website

Odoo 13 offers it, users, an extensive feature- adding product videos onto the product pages in the Odoo website. This feature can be highly remarkable as it can help the users to present their product features in a better way. Visual representation of products can draw in more attention comparing to mere worded descriptions. Also, it can lead to a higher conversion rate on your website.
What do you think?? Isn’t it a worthy feature for your business? Adding videos provide more explanations of your product and this will surely prompt customers to dig more on your website.

Inventory Forecast

The line chart displays the quantity vs time for different products in the inventory.
One can simply look at the chart and understand the number of various products on any given date. Also, the users can aware of the incoming and outgoing stock.

Ribbon Widget

Now knowing the status of the invoice as paid to the user is no hard task. With Ribbon Widget of Odoo 13, the users can get easily the status of the invoice.

Calculator Widget

The new calculator widget in Odoo 13 works for order lines on the invoices, sales order, purchase order, and so forth. It helps with performing the arithmetic operations in invoices or purchase orders.
For instance, the field- ‘Price’ would give away the total cost by adding up every individual input of the user.

‘Buy Now’ Button in Ecommerce

This was the most waited feature in Odoo and with the release of version Odoo 13, there comes finally the new ‘Buy Now’ button that straightly directs the users from product page to the Checkout page with product in the cart.

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