Intelligence and optimization for business outcomes
Intelligence and optimization for business outcomes
we help you achieve outstanding business results and gain strategic advantage in your market.
we help you achieve outstanding business results and gain strategic advantage in your market.
Usable and very distinguished system
Usable and very distinguished system

Your Vision, Our Future

Grandtk is a Software Product and Services Company that focuses on driving differentiated customer experience, accelerating cycle time and improving business outcomes through the integration of disruptive technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Mobility and non-linear commercial models.

Grandtk provides value-driven services and technology solutions to its customers by leveraging its offerings in Digital, Product Engineering, and Application Development services. These services are applicable across industries including Telecom, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Hi-Tech, Gaming, etc.

By bringing domain expertise, strategic thinking, and certified talent pool we deliver simple technology solutions for complex business issues. With our customer-centric approach and flexible processes, we have been able to create engagement models that drive cost and time reduction in projects while maintaining the highest software engineering standards. We provide technology consulting services to our clients and help them define their IT strategy and roadmap which helps them improve their business agility, competitiveness, speed to market as well as to reduce development and operational costs.

With years of experience in building high-performing applications for companies large and small, we can provide a great perspective on how to design and build your next product. With our deep expertise in the mature and emerging technologies, we transform your ideas into highly successful technology products that optimize your business processes and boost growth.

As a software development company, we empower businesses to solve complex problems, reduce risks, and enhance operational excellence with disruptive technology solutions.

GRANDTK team successfully perfomed business analysis in Document Management system notably migration to updated systems in order to improve service quality and provide verification of all the documentation.GRANDTK has high technological competances to implement the needed specification as well as relevant domain experience so that the developers and testers can correctly interpret the guideline. Everything was delivered on time and on budget. As we’ve provided a detailed specification from the very beginning, they were able to set a price for the whole project and responsible for sticking to it. I’m likely to recommend GRANDTK .

During the project flow we were very pleased by the work of GRANDTK business analysts and developers, who demonstrated high level of skills and competence. They made many significant contributions to our products both in terms of functionality and quality.

GRANDTK IT team delivers a full set of services to keep your IT infrastructure reliable with on-going infrastructure administration, continuous monitoring and prompt troubleshooting. We are also ready to plan, implement and manage changes in your IT environment to support the uninterrupted flow of your business operations.


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Ahmed Al Mahdy
senior and backend developer
Omar Amr
Python developer
Youssef EL Daly
ERP Implementation


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GRANDTK as a reliable IT partner

e want to express our gratitude to GRANDTK for their productive collaboration with us. When we were looking for a reliable security testing partner in 2018 for a the first release of our cloud-based application, we chose GRANDTK to provide us with quality testing services and security code review...

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