As healthcare embraces technology to improve patient outcomes, streamline operations, and lower costs, the technologies with the most impact are the ones that Make Things Simpler.

Add a clinic, just like how you add a new friend in a chat App.
Get clinic ID or scan clinic’s QR code to add clinic, then patient could start making appointment with doctor, receive message and latest news from clinic.

GRANDTK QR Codes for Healthcare & Doctors

GRANDTK BUSYQ is an appointment and live queue system designed for clinics and hospitals. It helps doctors to streamline clinic’s visit flow and keep patients’ waiting time at a minimum. From clinic to hospital, for doctors, nurses and patients. It’s a cloud system work in full, all-around and sync seamlessly between doctors‘ roster, nurses’ dashboard and patients’ app. It is a simple, affordable and reliable cloud system tailor made for clinic and doctor. And with patients in our mind, we create an intuitive, useful app to ease their daily clinic visit life.

Improve your services

Collecting feedback about your services often gets overlooked in the daily hassle of your clinic. Let your patients take your feedback survey in their own time by including a Feedback QR Code on your forms or business cards. After its completion it gets directly submitted to your preferred email address so you can view the suggestions to improve your services. You can also easily edit the form any time if you want to adjust the topics on your questionnaire to get more detailed feedback on your treatments, staff or facility.

Help patients come prepared

Avoid patients showing up to their appointments unprepared by including a PDF QR Code on appointment cards or signs at the welcome desk. Share information to help patients prepare necessary documents for their appointment or how to behave after a treatment. Easily update the information when needed without reprinting a new QR Code.


Adjust your campaign

You can still update QR Codes that have already been printed and distributed. Replace web addresses, information or files at any time. Dynamic QR Codes allow you to bring variety to your campaign or fix mistakes and typos in no time.

Track your scans

See how often, when and where people scan your QR Codes. All data collected is in real time, certainly making you want to check back in again and again. Scan reports sum up all relevant information, making it easy for you to see how well your campaign is doing.

Print with quality

When it comes to scanning QR Codes, print quality is important. You can choose from high resolution JPG and PNG files or pick an EPS or SVG vector format. Whether you are printing on small business cards or huge posters, there is a file format that works best for your needs.

started with a mission to solve the congestion problems in a busy clinic. In the beginning, it is hard for one to believe that there will be solutions for such a dynamic clinic environment. Nevertheless, through the direct collaboration between experienced healthcare providers and our software team, our system is built with healthcare in mind. After a year of continuous development and improvement, we have successfully achieved significant results in helping patients to save their waiting time as well as smoothen the clinic flow.

We hear our doctors and patients talk about how our tools provide them the convenience that can never be expected in any clinic or hospital, we decided to reach out to more doctors.

Providing a better patient experience through IT innovation requires changing existing system and workflow. The results can be transcendent, and they can also be falling short. Our responsibility is to ensure every transformation happens seamlessly and achieve the desire results in the shortest time.

We enjoy helping clinics and hospitals to improve their patient experience, we think this a way to contribute toward a better healthcare system.

Your health is in your hands!

Access health information & services anytime, anywhere.

Save clinic waiting times with Clinic Queue Updates :

-Register via mobile on the day of your appointment
– Get your queue number
– See ‘live’ updates on number of ‘Patients Before You
-Follow your ‘Care Plan’ to guide your through the different stations

Share Medical Information :

Hospitals can place QR Codes near the reception area to engage patients waiting for their appointment. The QR Codes can link to information on the treatments offered. QR Codes can also share information about the doctors at the hospital.

The hospitals can now easily have patients book their appointments through the QR codes. This allows the administration to see when and where people have made appointments. Not only that, but appointments can be scheduled with just a touch of a button, which makes it easier for patients to obtain an appointment, reschedule an appointment, or even cancel an appointment. This also means no wait times when calling. The website for the doctor’s office can also be brought up through a QR code which allows patients to become educated about the office’s specialization. They can also become acquainted with the doctor’s office.