Web design and development is an umbrella term for the broad range of work involved in creating and developing a website which can be used and accessed via an Intranet or private network or the internet or the World Wide Web. It includes a wide range of tasks and services, ranging from developing single static (plain text) pages to creating more complex web-based internet applications including social network services and electronic businesses.

In a broader sense, web development may also refer to a comprehensive list of specialized tasks such as web design and web content development, eCommerce development, client or server side scripting, client liaison, server or network security configuration, and other professional services offered by specialists. Web development in Egypt also refers to non-design aspects of creating and building websites, such as coding and writing markup. In web circles, web development has also come to mean the construction of CMS or content management systems, which can either be made using an open source or built from scratch to match the exact needs of a website.

GRANDTK  Egypt, produce the ideal reflection for your business by our creative and exclusive layouts. While designing a website, there are a huge number of various styles you can embrace to spread the message of a company all over promptly to clients, visitors or readers. The crucial thing to take into account just like us is to choose a creative style which fits the brand you are crafting for. we are as web developer company and website design company in Egypt . The impact is improved by our creativity team.

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Web Design Services

GRANDTK Egypt, produce the ideal reflection for your business by our creative and exclusive layouts. While designing a website, there are a huge number of various styles you can embrace to spread the message of a company all over promptly to clients, visitors or readers. The crucial thing to take into account just like us is to choose a creative style which fits the brand you are crafting for. we are as web developer company and website design company in Egypt . The impact is improved by our creativity team.

Mobile Apps Development

With the increase in use of Mobiles, there is a very high demand for mobile applications in the market. Any business that wishes to survive in the market today has to build up an application that suits the requirements of its customers The ease and flexibility provided by mobile apps today, have captivated them to the consumers, and is important that your business considers this when looking for contentment among customers.

Digital Marketing Services

Comprehensive marketing and events services, including digital marketing campaigns, social media management, brand activation's, conferences and exhibitions.GRANDTK we have a team of professionals that possess a wide range of skills. The various techniques used by our experts, combined with our knowledge of how the Internet works, makes it possible for us to provide businesses with a one-of-a-kind service.

Website and Email Hosting services

We have a high powered hosting solution perfect for anytime of organization. Whether you suffer from low traffic, have a brand new blog, own a popular business site, have never run a website before or are a professional developer, GRANDTK has got you covered. We have it all that it takes a web hosting solution to meet your unique needs! Our state-of-the-art web servers will ensure that you receive a powerful and reliable hosting experience. If you desire competitive value and superior performance, we offer you the most comprehensive hosting solution for your personal or business site.

What we love to do as a MARKETING SOLUTIONS AGENCY?

Ggrandtk a website your business almost doesn’t exist. In this digital age IMSolutions is a specialized agency in website design in Egypt, developing your creative website to reach your target customers and audience regardless of the product or service you are offering. The main reason behind having a website is for informative presenting of your products or services to your customers, other online services are usually an add on service to further expand your business performance.

Grandtk is a leading web design company in Egypt, helping client businesses thrive online using our unique brand of products and services, tailored to meet your online marketing needs. We understand how important establishing web presence and promoting businesses online can be and we have the most talented developers, web designers, online marketers, SEO experts, link builders, logo designers, and content writers on board to make sure your website remains a powerful tool for marketing. Grandtk is your single point of contact for all your web design and development needs, whatever type or size of website your business needs, ranging from custom marketing sights to highly secure online stores.

If you wish to fast-track web designing and establish an already search engine optimized, responsive, and mobile device-ready website, consider our ready-made WordPress portfolios and websites. They are designed to provide you with a quick and easy way to create a website, ready to receive visitors as soon as you launch it. One of the most sought after services here at Grandtk , WordPress websites and portfolios can be used by both advanced programmers and website owners without programming background.


Faster Development

Readymade ecommerce solutions are the more practical choice for business owners who wish to establish a workable website without having to wait on proprietary software that typically takes longer and costs more to develop. While readymade WordPress portfolios have their limitations, they are the more ideal option for businesses looking for ways to save time and money on website development and maintenance.

Fully Customizable

With WordPress portfolios, you get a user-friendly solution for your website design and online marketing needs, providing you with easily navigable dashboards and design templates that allow you to change the look and functionality of your site with ease, without the complex coding and design tweaks often required by proprietary programs and solutions.


A ready-made campaign not only gives you access to a convenient web development solution—it also gives you the keys to a website that is designed with search engine optimization in mind. A search engine friendly site is critical to eCommerce success because search engines remain to be among the most important sources of legitimate and relevant traffic online.

Responsive Design

Most importantly, you get a fully responsive layout that is mobile-ready, enabling access through various devices with a wide range of displays and resolutions. You can rest easy knowing that your website will load properly no matter what mobile phone or tablet is used.

Affordable and Cost-Efficient

This kind of template-based solution offers invaluable benefits to businesses that may not have sufficient resources to accommodate a completely custom made website that is built from the ground up. Ready-made eCommerce solutions afford lower cost of development and maintenance as they are built upon open source programs as opposed to proprietary or commercial software.

Custom Website Design

The digital age has paved way for many creative ways to promote businesses online. Today, there are even more options that you can explore in order to market your products and services effectively and reach out to a wider audience than you could imagine. You will even find a myriad of ways to create web designs and applications for stronger online campaigns. Do-it-yourself template programs that offer drag, cut, and past functionalities may seem a convenient and easy way to go, but many business owners agree that custom web development still offers a greater deal of benefits in terms of serving your business’ unique needs.

Designing a website from scratch gives you the opportunity to define every aspect of your web asset, from its basic structure to its aesthetic design and functionalities. This kind of freedom is exactly what you need to make sure that your branding is consistent throughout your marketing assets.

As a business owner, you should always look to make your business profitable and find ways to save money while doing so. When creating an online presence for your company, it is important that you project a professional image for your business because the more you do; the more creditable you appear to your target consumers. Custom website Design help you achieve this level of professionalism and credibility in the eyes of consumers, while setting you apart from businesses whose websites look too much alike.

Contrary to what novice business website owners believe, having a custom site isn’t too expensive to maintain. Additionally, the benefits that custom sites entail far outweigh the extra cost of custom services because custom websites Design have the ability to pay for themselves in the long run. No packaged e-commerce or CMS solution can ever give you the same advantages as custom website services from Grandtk.. Here are some major benefits of our unique brand of custom website development:

  • All custom sites are adjusted to your business’ specification, which means you never have to alter design objectives and projections to fit a template. We work without compromise to your requirements.
  • We deliver within your time-frame, thanks to a proven delivery methodology and framework that maintains the highest quality of work.
  • We offer integration with popularly used external interfaces to accommodate your unique requirements.
  • We guarantee high levels of security in all aspects of your web site and application design.
  • We ensure scalability to accommodate growth and strategic planning for the future of your business; and
  • We offer lifetime support in case of system issues and troubles.

GRANDTK Design Process

Domain Name Registration

Choosing the right domain name is very important to protect your brand name. Your domain name is the key to your online presence on the Internet, which has become a basic factor in growing businesses. Grandtk offers wide range of professional online and offline domains services including: Domains Consultation, where we advise you regarding the closest domain name to your business / brand name.

Hosting Benefits

Grandtk is one of the leading online marketing companies and service providers in the region, offering you the most comprehensive solutions that will definitely help you stay on top. Our strategies and approaches have been guaranteeing the best possible solutions for your online marketing requirements.

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