We are a specialized business software development house based in Alexandria Founded in 2016 , Egypt that actively works with a wide range of nationals, regional and international clients and businesses from various industries and verticals including medical, manufacturing, sales, VoIP, travel and e-Commerce. GRANDTK is a well established company for developing cloud ready (SaaS) applications only and is very specialized in Cloud Computing technologies. GRANDTK has achieved a high score in building a high performance Web Apps using distributed and auto scaled technologies. We work with Python, Django, Firebase, and more. In addition, we're open source friendly, work with and contribute to open source solutions.


Create value and profit to our partners in growth through high-end industry solutions with expertise and passion


Expand business vertically and achieve sustainable growth as a worldwide Dynamics leader

Our Staff

We see our employees as our partners in success. Because we believe only a strong team can drive an organization’s growth. We have on our team some of the best brains in the industry

At GRANDTK , we are passionate about ‘making your business work for you’. We can show you how to be more efficient and more profitable by using new technology to your advantage.



Our Approach GRANDTK

We respond to every enterprise software development company project with a different angle, from their point of view to be precise. Through the digital & technological framework, it allows us to find the pinpoints.

Where vibrant technical solutions can be placed for the needed advancement, functional boost, and transformation. Also, read How technologies affect business landscape!

  • Ideas
  • Technology
  • Building Trusted Partners
  • Apply Agile
  • Now

An enterprise is always very selective in ideas. We select an idea that transforms enterprise based on its nature and working model.

We have always Picked up the latest technologies. As per the requirements of clients, we fit them well in its functionality.

We chose to be in very close association with the client to maintain transparency and to ensure better results.

Agile synonymously runs in our veins, and hence, enterprise software development methodology at Narola goes seamless and flawless with Agile.

Being progressive is the key to success. We always keep transforming enterprise software companies for their business growth.

Grandtk Development Process

Analyze . Optimize . Standardize

We develop our software only after careful analysis of the client’s business process landscape. We’re not just a software development company; we have extensive knowledge and experience in the business process analysis and improvement landscape. This allows us to suggest improvements on the business process itself before working on the software, to make sure you get the most benefit out of your new system, and experience the results of process improvement, governance and optimization right away.

We implement rigorous project management practices, to ensure clear and concise client communication, accurate deadlines, effective risk and change management and overall project success.

Why Do People Love Us ?
  • Our clients have faith in us. We always keep them ahead of their competitors by serving them top notch IT solutions. They have never diminishing faith in us, and thus, they work with us time and again.

A Day At Grandtk

The secret of grandtk unbelievable success lies
in their working structure, culture and environment

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The secret of  GRANDTK  unbelievable success lies in their working structure, culture, and environment.

At GRANDTK  you won’t find the employees amidst a hustle to complete the day-to-day tasks but you will notice their enthusiasm at its peak to achieve one common goal.

Planning, coding, software testing, delivering, digital marketing and executing is our everyday work and we do the same with all passion. grandtk is not a workplace for employees but a place where they turn dreams into reality.

How Do Things Work At GRANDTK ?

The concept is the heart of every project. We work a step ahead and focus on building the concept. Studying the key area of the business and logical brainstorming helps us to derive exceptional concepts that work well for the client’s requirements.



This part of the procedure includes deriving ideas to shape the concept. Here, creativity plays an important role along with technical perfection. The ideas generated are then checked on the factors whether they will be good enough to go or not and whether they are based on the client’s approach.



The work with full force starts at this stage. Once the concept and the plan is prepared, the developers begin to code the entire project. A project is subdivided into several modules and a separate team is allocated to complete each. Parallel to that the completed modules are integrated well.